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Related post: nude teens toplist Richard Lee Ledbetter Written May 21, 1990 Part One My name is Bobby Cole. I am 22 years old, and I was renting a house in an middle-upper class neighborhood when I first got to know a few of my neighbors - including Ricky Ledbetter. I wore my blonde hair long, and as I worked for a courier company it really wasn't that important to maintain an "image".. perhaps I had an image in my own way. Basically I consider myself to be a laid-back sort of dude. I had gotten to voyeur tgp toplist know Ricky pretty well. He was born in 1972 and he was seventeen years old. Anthony Ray Ledbetter, better known as Tony, his brother, was just over a year younger than he. To describe Ricky is difficult at best; but to look at Ricky (and his brother doesn't look a whole hell of a lot different).. after looking at other guys then to look at him is compared to biting into a York Peppermint Pattie.. sweet, curious, inviting.. breathtaking. For the longest time, he never knew about me and what I thought. I had lived in the area almost two years when things began to get interesting. I live in the house directly across the street from the Ledbetter's. teen girl blowjob toplist I'd see Ricky occasionally on his Snapper mower and stop to say hello, literally going out of my way sometimes to see him. His brother would sometimes use a different mower or something but enough of that per descriptions: Ricky is dark-brown headed and his skin wasn't much lighter than that; he has brown eyes and wears tank tops or nothing in the summer. He stands about 5' 10" tall and his brother Tony is also brown-haired though not as dark as his brother. He stands about four or so inches shorter, and his complexity isn't quite as dark. It's quite fine; he looks nice that way. In 1988 it was interesting to see a fourteen-year old Tony dart and dash through the stream of that outdoor sprinkler in his bathing suit. Ricky as I recall was a bit more daring; he wore his underwear. Nothing like seeing a fifteen-year old in his Fruit Of The Looms in his front yard before pretten nonnude toplist his parents got home from work. Even at THAT point, I began to wonder about those two. Of course, I was content with my thoughts and my XXX-tapes that I had bootlegged. As long as my VCR was in fine working order, I felt toplist cartoons 3d incest I could make it. Sure, there were the guys at work, but they didn't always offer.. that certain kind of turn-on or something. Boys are green, new, like new spring leaves on the trees. They are the spark of life, and they can cum like jackrabbits. Even before puberty, I remembered my dick would get hard with the change of wind direction! Then, there came the day that I really couldn't take it. They had started skateboarding some in 1989, and by 1990 they got pretty good at it. From what I gathered, they were always close brothers and helped each other through thick and thin. I walked out to the mailbox to check it. Ricky was sitting on the porch steps, Tony was doing circles on their driveway. "Your underwear's showin'," Ricky yelled. "Hey, here comes kiddie toplist Bobby.. why don't you show your drawers to him? You'll probably scare him back into his house! Heheheh!" I heard that distinctly. The next thing I knew Tony was calling asian porn toplist my name, and still doing circles.. but in his underwear. "Check it out," said Tony. They may have been thinking I'd go back the other way or something, or just ignore their boyish behavior. Instead, I walked over into their yard. "Cool dude!" I said. "Move over, Tony Hawk.." Tony giggled. "Seriously, you look good," I said, one of the few pregnant pron toplist times I'd ever said anything so intimate. Somehow, it struck me that toplist nude lola there were no girls in their life. Perhaps I was wrong, but I had never heard either of them speak of them, and of course I hadn't either. "Ahh.. Fruit Of The Looms," I said, looking at the label. Ricky was wearing a pair of toplist boysex checked shorts and no shirt that day. It was warm, about 85 in that Georgia town. Sure, Ricky and Tony had been in my house before, but I had.. always kept the gay stuff out of sight, for fear of losing their friendship. On earlier occasions, I felt their beauty was too precious to lose over a few pesty magazines and porno flicks. Now I was seriously beginning to wonder. "Fuck," said Tony (he and his brother never cursed around their parents, according to Ricky).. "I gotta go take a piss." "Come inside," offered Ricky. I did and Ricky and I sat on the sofa talking as his brother went to the bathroom. We could hear the slap of the pee hit the water. "Did you.. really like seeing my brother like that? I mean, in his underwear?" "Yeah.. why?" "Oh, no reason.." "There.. must have been some reason to that, I mean, why would you have asked?" "I just think that's cool.. I mean, I like seeing him in underwear too.." By this time, Tony was coming back into the room. He was toplist topkds smiling because he had heard his brother's last comment. "Do you like.. seeing him with nothing on?" I cautiously asked. "Well.. yeah.." "Would it bother you if I just wore my underwear?" I asked, noting that it was just over an hour before Mrs. Ledbetter would get off work. "Well.. no.." he said, grinning sheepishly. "That could be cool.." I took off my cut-offs and my jockey underwear shown. My inevitable hardon was also starting to become noticeable from inside my shorts. I had some fears about that, 12yo porn toplist but I noticed that Tony was tending in that direction as well. "I guess it's my turn," said Ricky, coming out of the plaid shorts. He too wore Fruit Of The Looms. "Damn," said Tony, ruthlessly rubbing his nuts through his shorts. "Tony?!" scolded toplist ls russian his brother. "I had an itch! Sorry!" "I do too," I said, rubbing my balls. "Tony.." he looked at me with raised brows, as if to ask "what?" "How.. big is it?" There was a moment of silence. Then the two of them began to snicker. "Wanna see it?" offered Tony. "Yeah.. sure.. if you like.." He lowered the waistband of the underrwear and out popped a hard dick as the band rolled down across the head. It was surrounded by hair and it was hard. "You can touch it if you want," he offered. "Tony! Geeze!" said Ricky. I lightly put my hand on it. It was warm, throbbing. He smiled. I came out of my underwear and revealed my eight inches of cut meat. "D-d-d-damn!" said Ricky. If I hadn't revealed it, it would soon have been sticking above my waistband. "If I ask you something," I said, "do you promise not to take it the wrong way?" "Sure!" said Ricky. "Shoot!" "Do you.. ever.. like, suck each other's dicks or anything?" At this, Ricky too lowered his underwear. He fondled his cock for a moment. It was quite good looking. "Yeah, yeah.. we do," he admitted. "To be honest," chimed in Tony, "at least once a day, like after school or before bed or something.. we fuck around." "Hot damn.." I said. "What?" Ricky quickly confronted. "That's cool as shit.." They looked at me. "We sorta.. crazy xxx 3d toplist love each other in a special way," said Ricky. "That's exactly how it sounds, and it's beautiful. You two are wonderful." They had already let me in on their little secret. It was safe with me, but.. now I knew. "I guess you boys know by now.. I'm gay.." I opted. "So are we," confirmed Ricky, stating what was obvious to nubile toplist me. "Bobby.. look man.." a hasty Ricky Ledbetter said, "please.. don't breathe this to our parents.. they don't know.. they'd probably kick us out df toplist underground of the house.." Tony was messing with his brother's cock. Ricky was starting to get nervous, that I might tell or something. Now I had to prove that his story was safe with me, somehow. I was beginning to think of ways.. like if I could show that evidence.. that I was just as into this as they were.. "I swear I won't," I confidently said, pretending to zip my mouth, and "swollow a key". "Listen, uh.. whatcha say to coming over to my place tgp nude art toplists for a art erotic child toplist few minutes?" I offered. "Oh, okay," a down-in-the-dumps Ricky said. After all, he had revealed a lot. God knows he probably didn't just tell ANYBODY that he was gay! "I saw you mowin' the grass last week," I said as we crossed into my yard. "I gotta admit, God you looked killer.." "Thanks," he said. Tony giggled. "Yup, I got a good-looking brother.." he said. There was already a porn tape in the VCR. I switched on the TV. "You dudes wanna see something HOT?" I asked. "Sure!" russian adult toplist said Ricky. "Now, you've shared YOUR little secret.. now I'm gonna share one." "Yeah.. sounds cool to me!" said Ricky. I had the feeling he knew what was about to happen. The flick started showing two boys, looking a good bit younger than they actually were, stripping in front of the camera. "Care if we.. take off our clothes?" asked Ricky. "Go right ahead," I said. "This shit looks awesome," he said. "If mom caught us with stuff like this.." "I know, I know.." I agreed. Soon, one boy was fucking the other without a condom. The flick was made in the early '80's. "Damn, this sex toplist hardcore is cool.." said Tony, as I offered them drinks. "Thanks." Again, they had been in my house many times before, but they never knew about things like this.. until this day early in the summer. Ricky would be a senior in high school next year; if he wasn't ready for this intrigue now he may as well naked pre nubile toplist never be. The boys liked it. "Just out of curiousity have you two ever.. screwed?" "Screwed? What you mean?" asked kid pix toplist Ricky. "Fucked.." "Yeah. Uh, I think I first fucked Tony when I was fifteen.." "It was," Tony confirmed. "I was fourteen.. mom and dad were at work.. he came in and messed with me while I was in the shower.. I screamed because I wasn't ready for it. A minute later, I loved it.." "Have you ever done it to Ricky?" "A few times.." "Cool," I said. They had been over about an hour. On looking out the window I could see that Mrs. Ledbetter was home now. "I swear, I'll never tell a soul," I reaffirmed. "I believe you," said Ricky. "I never will either, and I know Tony won't." Tony smiled. This is the most time they had spent with me in a while european teen toplist because well.. they'd come over to mess with the computer, play games on it, but then.. they had a Nintendo of their own now, so they seldom messed with mine anymore. I guess I had kinda started feeling used. Then it got to the point a lot of days I'd see them take the bus or skateboard home from school, and it would be the extent of my vision. It was after nine o' clock p.m. before Tony and Ricky got home that night. I knew it was dangerous porn toon toplist - showing this shit to these boys that I had known for about two years now, but what the hell. My life was on edge. Things were happening around me - I wasn't sure if I'd keep the job I had or if I'd transfer or something. The company was offering me another job in Florida - of all places; I love Florida - and the pay increase was substantial. It had been Friday night that night, I had the weekend off and I had made sure that toplist hymen pics I made that clear to the boys. They had known from the beginning that they could come knock on my door anytime. I did have a fear in the back of my mind about them though, not necessarily that they'd tell on me, I felt that was secure; quite the opposite - I feared that their parents would find out about THEM. God knows what would happen. I remember telling my mom, I told her over the phone from my then Midtown Atlanta apartment - she hung up the receiver in my ear. We've communicated very little since. I'd send her birthday cards [to Orlando] where I was raised and never get a response. Anytime I'd call she'd lecture me. Soon I started to give up and she wrote me a long letter saying that she was sorry but that she couldn't deal with me the way I was, and so forth. So typical, I know. Parents never seem to understand, God knows I'll never be one. But oh.. how I wished I had rights to these boys.. the summer days that they'd mow the lawn, stand in the front yard and throw the Frisbee - I never have seen them go in for "boy" sports - like batting a baseball - that wasn't to say they didn't do it, I just never saw it. About twenty minutes after they had left, I saw a porch light come on over at the Ledbetter's.. and soon my doorbell rang. I didn't have to guess who it was. "Mom said we could spend the night," Ricky said, adolescent nudes russian toplists "if you don't care?" "Shit! Intense, dude!" I said. Tony ran in and "attacked" me - shoved me slowly all the way until I safely fell on my own couch. The two were still shirtless upon entry. To be honest, I had never met the parental units. As a result, Ricky had lied a little and said that Bobby was a schoolmate and that his parents had already said that it was okay if they came over. Being the parents they are, they never really called. Still, I felt I better draw every window shade in the place. I did that when I was at home alone anyway. I halfway wish to fuck I HAD been a schoolmate. "Damn," Ricky said, "I porn toplist kds never thought you were.. you know.. gay.." "The feeling is mutual," I assured him. That night was interesting. We got to know each other very well. I have a fair amount of hair all over my body except for my chest. For some reason I felt that I was turning Ricky on. At least I was led to feel that in my own mind. Under the bedside lamp and from the comfort of my bed, I examined the boys' naked bodies. Both boys had their fair share of pubic hair around their penises; Ricky had illegal 13y pics toplist more hair on his legs than his brother did and it was interesting just to feel the hair on his legs. "Damn," I said, feeling Ricky's body, "did you ever have a girlfriend?" "Nope. Neither has my brother. It finally got to a point that - well, he had to have been bravest because he started it - we'd come home and talk about other guys at school that we knew. Not the girls, the guys. At first it freaked me because I thought Tony had heard me talking in my sleep or something and that he was making fun of me. I mean, he had said that I talk in my sleep before.." "But you didn't..." "Nope. He was talking about Bruce Shapiro. I never even KNEW Bruce Shapiro!" I learned more about them that night gothic sex toplist than than I had learned in the two years that led up to that night. Little things. Like Tony used to wet his bed up until he was nine. It was later discovered by his brother that it was a homosexual fear; it mysteriously stopped after Ricky found out about his brother. It may nude toplist vombat have appeared different to their parents, just a sign of growing up. On the other illegal teens toplist hand, Ricky never wet his bed once he started going from diapers to underwear. Ricky said that he believed that by the time he was ten, that he was jacking off in the presence of his brother. They'd always shared the same bedroom and all, but.. he'd always jack off in the dark after they nacked teen toplist cut off the light, so Tony couldn't see. It came as no surprise when Ricky learned that Tony was doing the same teenager nude toplist thing. Both boys had been circumsized. As a matter of fact, so had I. Ricky and Tony used to share everything as kids. Ricky would color part of a picture in a coloring book and leave it for Tony to finish. Sometimes it was the other way around. They collected all the figures in the Star Wars trilogy collection - uh, toons incest toplist except one. Ricky got Princess Lei as a birthday gift when he turned eleven. Deciding he didn't want it and secretly offering it to Tony, a ten-year-old Tony also didn't want to add the feminine figure to his collection. One day Ricky secretly slipped the figure into the local storm drain. I laughed my ass off. Their as-yet untold story was incredible. What was more incredible was that they were both gay. Ricky had told me that one day after school, Ricky walked into the bedroom - Tony was already home - he was just standing there in his underwear and playing with the action figures and using the Luke Skywalker figure he was saying, "Gosh Chewwy, you're so furry and cuddly.." As we lay there and prepared to sleep, they were telling me of personal fantasies that they had. To be able to just up and leave tiny angels toplist their parents, live on their own as they wanted. They both knew that their parents wouldn't put up with them if they knew how they both felt; they were not stupid - they knew enough about their parents to know their views. Ricky had already vowed that he was gay. Neither of them smoked or did drugs of any kind, and neither did I. Morning came and I sexy mini skirts toplist invited them to eat breakfast with me. They did; they sat naked at the table. "If it were up to us, we'd never wear clothes," Ricky said. "Well, maybe I'd wear them to child nude toplist work, and all, but never around the house." "Me neither," said Tony. They weren't going to be able to spend the entire weekend with me because their mom wanted them to do some yard work. But I had gotten an interesting comment from Ricky. "Did you ever surf when you were in Florida man? You look like a real surfer dude.." when I told him "no", he really freaked. He had apparently always liked the way I looked but never really said anything about it.. because he thought I was straight. I had sucked Ricky's dick and he had enjoyed it, but that was the extent of my activity during their stay. Ricky sucked his brother and we all shot cum all over my bedsheets. The next school year rolled around and Ricky brought one of his school friends over to meet me, his name was Greg. He was neat and interesting, but he wasn't gay. It wasn't that, but he and Ricky had several disagreements - the main one was that Greg was all the time talking about girls, and it wasn't long until Greg was dating a girl. Greg wanted to continue the friendship, but Ricky broke it off. He told me that he almost told Greg that he was gay, just to see how he would handle it. amateur naked toplist But then he figured "what the hell," and just let it pass. "How disgusting," I remember thinking. The two of them hung around me a lot more. But there was bad news on the horizon. I decided to df toplist child take that picture teen toplist offer in Florida with the company I was with. I was.. going to have to leave all of this behind. I regretfully informed them that in toplist child sex June, it would be after Ricky's graduation - that I was going to move to Satellite Beach, Florida. This was still six months down the pike. Time passed. One day, Ricky fucked Tony right in front of my eyes in my bedroom. They had a brotherly love for one another that would not STOP. While they were devastated at my decision to move with the company, somehow I felt like Ricky had that certain ace up his sleeve. It wasn't "showing" or anything, but somehow I just elwebb toplist felt like he had some last-ditch plans. I mean, look at the facts: * He had already told me that he wasn't going to college. * His mom had told him that if he wanted to move out after he graduated, he was free to do so. But the job that he worked didn't pay a hell of a lot. The only bleak thing that stared him in the face - if he WANTED to go with me - was that Tony still had another year in school. But if I didn't let my employer know by August that I wanted the position, it was going to go to someone else - a jerk in our office that doesn't know a staple from a paper clip. And add to this the fact that Ricky doesn't get along that well with his parents. After knowing Ricky this long, I know for a fact that he toplist girl finds more comfort in being alone with Tony than he does with his parents. Insofar as I know, it's also the other way toplist lollita around. They were still coming to see me on at least a daily basis, and we were jacking off every afternoon together. Ricky got so that he liked sucking me and had even asked me to fuck him on a few occasions while Tony sucked him. We went places together now that we had not previously gone, like to movies, out to eat.. and to the mall. I took them to Midtown Atlanta and I showed them 'queer haven'.. the area around 10th down to about 5th - where a lot of gay dudes hung out, it was around the bar scene. We got out at Piedmont Park ls island toplist a few minutes. "Gosh, this is the first time I've even seen a MARTA bus in person," seventeen-year-old Tony commented. "Don't feel bad," said his brother, "it's my first look at a MARTA bus in person too!" Ricky had no car; his parents really didn't have money to loan him to get one. Hence, they had bought skateboards and rode around a lot on them; all one had to do was take a look at the shabby condition of Albert Ledbetter's car and one would know that the man scarcely took time to maintain his own 1968 Dodge Colt, let alone invest in another vehicle. He wouldn't allow either of his sons to drive it while they did have licenses to do so; he had the silly inpression that teens today were much more accident prone than they were in the 1950's and felt that "every teen in America has at least one bad car accident before 20..." He'd tell you something like, "well, just look at the statistics, boys. You'd just be another statistic..." Bullshit. Ricky fucked Tony too steadily and skated too well to be accident-prone behind a wheel of a car. He demonstrated that well enough to me when I had let him drive us around Smyrna some recently. After cartoon toplist walking some at the park, teen nonude toplist I drove toplist x teen cp them to 15th Street at Peachtree, down past the Woodruff Arts Center and turned into the parking lot of the Arts Center MARTA station at Lombardy Way. I stopped the car and switched off the engine. This had left Tony dumbfounded. "What is this?" "It's a MARTA station, dummy!" said Ricky, who then looked at me and said, "Isn't it?" as though he didn't know himself. I almost burst out laughing. "Yes, this is a MARTA station," I confirmed. "This is where all the buses come together and you can get on the trains here too." I had the advantage of having been bestiality movie toplist on MARTA rail a few times. We got out of the car, and toplist sex boys walked toward the station. "Now you're going to have an experience you've never had before..." "Oh, oh.." Tony jested as we walked toward the turnstiles.. "Ricky.. I'm.. cummin'.." We took the Southbound train to Five Points, got off there and went to Underground Atlanta. I had lived in Midtown about three and a half years so I knew the MARTA system - and Midtown - pretty well. After looking at Underground, we went back to the Five Points Station. I showed them the other sets of tracks there, that connected to the East/West rail system only at that particular station. Yeah, it was 85 cents to get into MARTA per person now, but dammit, they were worth it. I was trying to think of somewhere -quiet- we could go cuties toplist for a while. I decided the best thing we could do was to go back to the Arts Center, get my car and drive to a quiet place. They seemed to love being with me, this was a Friday afternoon, and they had no prior engagements. They told their parents they tiny girl toplist were off with a friend, and that was the end of that. He told me not long ago that his mother had commented about this 'friend'.. "is this a GIRLFRIEND?" she had asked. Of course, Ricky had been reluctant to comment.. she knew that she had never seen him bring a girl home. So much teeny gallery toplist for her thinking. We got into the car and Ricky gave me a slow, quiet peck on the cheek. I saw Tony smile out of the corner of my eye. He leaned forward in his position of the back seat as Ricky pulled away and he kissed me also. "I want you to know," Ricky said, "you are the best damned friend that my brother and I have ever had.." That meant everything to me. "Well, I can't think of anything to say to that except that.. you two are the best friends I've ever had also. You guys are so young, yet you can fully relate to so much in life." I began to pull back out onto 15th and proceeded to head back toward I-75. "Well, we kinda learned the value of each other's company when we were young," Tony said. "You can relate to that, so.. that's the most important value we hold toward ourselves." "That, and the fact that we never hide our feelings," added Ricky. "I get mad, I say I'm mad. I don't fake a smile to try to cover it up. The truth eventually comes out anyway.." "Can you do us a favor?" asked Ricky. "Sure! Name it!" "Let's go to Cumberland [Mall].. I got something I wanna check on.." "You got it.." so we zipped over there, it wasn't far. Ricky led us all to Rich's Department 3d incest porn toplist Store. We started heading toward the "Boys 8-20" clothing department, and Tony had an obvious smile on his face. "What's boy toplist comic the deal?" I said to Tony, "shopping for clothes?" "No, silly," Tony said, "the dudes that wear this shit can't be older than their mid-teens.. he's done this before, but he hasn't been terribly successful.." "Done what?" I said stupidly. "'Cruised' the change rooms... it's risky as shit.." russian teen toplist Tony said as we followed Ricky to just outside the fitting pre toplist nude pics room entrance. Ricky quietly walked down the hall that housed about ten different dressing rooms, or stalls, five on each side of the hall. He caught sight of a cute one, in his underwear. He came back to us quickly. "This dude has cp kds toplist all these clothes in there to try on, and he's just standing there looking at himself in the mirror with his underwear on.. it's cool.. hq nude toplist he's probably about thirteen.." We took turns padding down the hall quietly and looking through nude nubile toplist the slits of the door where the youth was standing. I could see him standing there with a blue line running the distance of the underwear band, and now the cum toplist little dude was making japanese girl toplist muscles in front of the mirror. Tony finally came and looked with me, we stood back far enough that our feet were not readily visible under the door. He pulled the band down now, far enough to expose the dick. It wasn't large, but that was hardly the point. He was shirtless, and all he had 12yotoplist on was that underwear, not even bikini pics archive toplist any socks or shoes! Tony whispered something to Ricky, then eased into the stall next door. I looked and Tony was taking off clothes. He stripped TOTALLY. Then he slid into the boy's stall, between the high walls. "Yo, wassup?" we could hear. Jesus! If we got caught!! Some other boys were coming and going in and out of some of the other stalls - but they didn't say anything to us. "Man, your dick is hard," the boy said slowly, "an' you got hair around it too.. what's your name?" "Tony. What's yours?" "Phillip.." Phillip was, in fact, thirteen. His mom had left to go to Macy's and she was going to be back in an hour to see what clothes Phillip wanted and which he didn't.. there wasn't that much sex toplists there to try on, really. "Can my friends.. come in to see you, Phillip?" asked Tony. "Yeah!" he answered quickly. Tony slipped back over to the other stall to get his clothes so that the other stall could be freed up once Phillip made it clear, at least to Tony, that he liked what was going on. When we walked into the stall, Phillip was naked. We introduced ourselves and Phillip said that he had another hour before We tried to be as quiet as possible in talking - I was a little amazed that no one had caught on to what we were saying and called security. "Just a second," said Tony as we had noticed some other boys going into other stalls a moment ago. Tony and I backed out of the stall, and peeked through the cracks of other stalls. I'll be damned. There was a dude with long, shiny brown hair in one stall, and HE was down to his underwear. His hair glistened under the store lights. We watched this guy for several minutes to make sure that he wasn't just trying on clothes. Perhaps he was, but he was awful damned slow about it because hardcore toplist he stayed there in his underwear for a long time. tgp toplist As in Phillip's case, the stall next door was unoccupied. Ricky talked Phillip into moving into that stall - no one saw him as he dashed from one door to another - japan naked toplist and Tony tried the same trick on this toplist babyj guy that he did on Phillip. As Tony slid into the adjacent stall, he uttered, "hot looking dude.." Gosh, this child toplist candid view Tony had from the floor was intense. "Oh no, a fag," the boy said. Tony tensed; he thought the boy was going to scream. I did too because I heard every word spoken. To Tony's amazement, the boy asked his name and told Tony that his name was 3d toon toplist Brad. Tony then stood up in the stall with the guy. It seems Brad was here for the same reasons that Tony was!! The clothes from pretenn toplist the department with him were just for an excuse to be in here! Brad smiled, said that he was fifteen. He walked out with us as we sadly informed Phillip that we kds toplist had to go; we realized that it might not be that long until his mother showed up, really, and Brad was just here for the hell of it. He said that he liked to hang around dressing rooms in department stores. He'd seen some dick that way. He was from Palm Springs, Florida and was just spending time away from home. Brad had a good body, and when he told me that he really didn't have a ride to get out of here, I offered one. He was amazed that Tony had approached him so quickly. "I had just walked in there," he said, now dressed in a green tank top with some graffiti on it, blue shorts and a baseball cap. He wore knee-high tube socks and white adolescent xxx toplist Reebok sneakers. He told us that he was staying with this aunt of toplist bdsm his but that she wasn't treating him really well. It wasn't long in the back of my car that he was showing his personal wares teen girls toplist off to Ricky and Tony, and to me. It seems that he liked to go around at home naked - and his aunt really didn't favor that - she was one of these bible-thumping Baptists with no tolerance for anything that wasn't written in black and white. A woman of middle-age, she was the only aunt on his father's side of the family that didn't live in Florida. "Is she at home now?" "Dunno - she might be grocery shopping." I had made it clear teen boy nude toplist that Ricky and Tony were my neighbors and that I lived alone. I free toplist fuck blowjob was considering offering for him to stay with me. He -seemed- legit, but there was always the chance that he might be one to take advantage of someone - he might be a thief - or something. Still, to find someone that hung out in dressing naked girl toplist rooms had to have something in common with Richard Ledbetter's interests - and that might not be so bad. In a hasty thought, I asked if he wanted to move in with me. I knew it wouldn't be long until I'd have to consider going to Satellite Beach, but until then I could play this situation by ear. Without further ado, we went to his aunt's house. The place looked rather run-down, he had no uncle there. Luckily she was -not- at home and Brad was quickly able to get things together and get out. A.. skateboard was included in the items he brought from the house. "Do you skate much?" asked Ricky. "Yeah man.. pretty good bit.." "Street or ramp?" "Both.. you skate man?" "Yeah.. just around the neighborhood.." "That's cool.." As we drove to my place, the boys were looking at each other's BODIES. I almost died. Then as we got closer and they pulled up their pants, hands were down the fronts of pants! We went into my place. Immediately, I checked the answering machine, there was a message: "Bobby, this is Drew [my boss]. Have you decided about the Florida move yet? There's a new pressing issue.. call me at home when you get in, or call my pager. Talk to you then.." Brad had some Thrashers and said that Tony Hawk was his favorite skater. Then, Brad produced some photos. Photos of dudes he'd met while cruising dressing rooms in Florida, all the photos were of naked guys. The three of them were soon in a rapid jack-off session, and I joined in. Then I called my boss at home. The pay for that job in Florida had just gotten higher. It involved more computer work while there, but.. I knew everything that needed to be known. The opening was sooner too. Five people had walked out since this one man porn teen rape toplist there had put in a notice. The way things were going, I was probably either going to take the job, or quit my present one. It soon grew late and we all went to my bedroom. The conversation that ensued was going to change my life. Casually, I brought it up. "Guys, I may have to go to Satellite Beach sooner than expected, if I go incest cartoon toplist at all.." "When would you have to go?" asked Ricky. "Mid-June." He rolled over on his side and looked at me. "Tony and I have talked it over. Would.. it be possible if we went with you?" I froze. I could suddenly feel a realization of every bone in my body jerking. You know, like you're about to do something that you know you shouldn't, but you're going to do it anyway... "You are more than welcome to go, if that is what you want, because I'd love to have you.." Brad asked where this was I was going. He said he wouldn't mind going back to Florida as long as it wasn't Palm Springs. He was going to try to stay toplist teen blog away from home for a while. That shiny brown hair was kinda long in back and fell down in front over his right eye, like a skater's haircut. It was rather obvious that he was a great fan of Tony Hawk because it was similar to Tony Hawk's hairstyle. Brad jerked off and spermed on my leg. I took the sperm on my fingers and put it to my lips. It tasted pretty good. He had a nice size peter. He produced some pictures of child erotica toplist him nude teenie toplist skating a ramp at Ocala Skate Park in Ocala, Florida; and some street shots with him doing some handplants. He was by all indications a good skater. Ricky and Tony were both impressed. It was interesting; Brad seemed to take to me and the Ledbetters right away, he seemed really cool and was letting me play with his dick. God, toplist 100 adult passes did he ever have that "Tony Hawk" look and I'd swear it might be the Hawk himself incognito. But it wasn't.. I asked how long he wanted to stay with me. "Indefinitely." "Very well," was my reply. He HAD scrawled his aunt a very hasty note so that she wouldn't think that he was stranded somewhere. As far as finding him, according to Brad, "she didn't give a damn." "Tony, what.. about your schooling man?" "Hell man, I do everything right now on a twelfth-grade level.." "Yeah but.. you'd not have a diploma." "We'll just see about that.." Right. Could he do magic? He talked like it. Sunday, Ricky and Tony had to spend time at home. Mom wanted them to make sure they had done their homework. At the same toplist cp kds time, I had a new scheme - if I needed one. If Ricky and Tony's parents ever had to meet Bobby - as a schoolmate whom they were visiting - I had a plan. Brad could now pose as me. I couldn't EASILY pass for Brad's father, but as his uncle or cousin I could. According to the way things were set, I'd planned to leave for Florida in about a month. Now, I was spending some time alone with Brad through the week. I was constantly telling him that he had an incredible body, which he did. Wednesday we went to Lenox Square Mall to have lunch. He got a gyro and so did I, and we sat near the game room to eat. Brad was wearing a pink Tony Hawk shirt, which had the sides torn out and you could see the hair under his arms and all that cool shit. We hadn't really fooled around much since Ricky and Tony had started back to school. At first I had thought that he'd rather - you know, have sex and think about doing things with guys around his own age. Then I got serious and mentioned it to him. "I guess you'd rather fool around with Ricky and Tony than me, I mean, I'm probably too old for your 'liking', aren't I?" "Honestly?" he asked. "Yeah.." "No way, dude. I thought you considered me nn dark toplist too young! Why didn't you fool with me this morning? You didn't see me hard?" "Yeah. I thought I might piss you off." "Well.. you wouldn've pissed ME off.. but I thought I'd just not say anything," he said, smiling, "I think you have a real big one.." "Thanks.. you do too. You're fifteen. It might even get bigger before you're twenty.." He laughed. A dude walked out of the game room and past the tables and the sign which read, "PLEASE LEAVE A CLEAN TABLE." He stopped, paused before entering the restroom, saw us and saw Brad, who was facing in that direction. He then released the door which he had partially pushed open, and nearly fell when someone on the other side of it grabbed kiddie porn toplist it 3d toons incest toplist and started to walk out. It was clear that amateur black booty toplist he was entranced with the appearance of Brad or something and was in such a stupor that he had been temporarily disoriented. He began walking toward our table. It looked kinda like.. but it couldn't have been. I slightly pointed at the youth, to get Brad's attention that he was coming over. After the shooting at Perimeter Mall in April, which had left a man dead, I couldn't take chances. I was sitting 90 degrees from Brad, to sex thumbs toplist Brad's left, and this other dude walked over and sat opposite Brad, to my left. I had to admit he looked good and had his hair styled similar to Brad's, covering the left eye. "Sorry.. am I interrupting something?" the guy asked. "Not really," I answered. "I just noticed your shirt," the guy said of Brad. "Are you a skater?" "Yeah dude.. are you?" "Uh.. one of the best," 13 yo loita toplist the dude said in a low voice and smiled. Brad and I both looked puzzled. This guy may have had an ego problem or something. "Tony incest teen toplist Hawk," said the dude, extending a hand and offering to flash games toplist hot shake Brad's. Brad shook his hand, but both of us thought that the guy had just walked out of a Milledgeville funny farm. Still, he was cute enough. And, the style was close enough to Tony's to be a B-. Then, there was the driver's license which was authentic enough: STATE OF CALIFORNIA - HAWK, ANTHONY SCOTT, as well as a few "full-access" arena passes. Now we were almost certain. nude video toplist free He looked at me. "Do you skate?" "Naah, I just love to watch the sport.. I watch you, on tape.." "What, you've never nudist free toplist been to any pro competitions?" "Naah.. Brad may have.." "One," answered Brad. "Oh, so you're Brad, and you're..." "Bobby." "Cool." "Funny thing we're here," I said, "I live in Smyrna.." I pointed out. "Yeah? I live in Anaheim.." "I know.. heh.." "Well, where abouts in Smyrna do you live?" By now, Brad started choking on his gyro. "Geeze dude, I didn't mean to choke you up.." "You didn't, he said, clearing his throat finally, "I always gag everytime I eat a gyro sandwich.." "Can I walk away, and come right back without you two going bananas, now?" "Sure," we said. "Give me five minutes..." and again he walked to the bathroom. He came out and went to the food court. He came back with a couple of tacos. It was obvious that we were going to be in no hurry to leave, so Brad began to eat slower, I began to eat slower. "I'll be honest, I'm just a bum in the sun during the summer," said Tony. "I'm not even in town on business. Well, I was, but not now. I was talking to the guys at Powell/Perelta yesterday. They wanted to renew my sponsorship.. but that's history." "You didn't get the sponsorship?" I asked. "Yeah, I got it.. but the 'work' in Atlanta is over. I'm not going back to Anaheim until after June." When I asked where he was staying, he said that he had rented a place. I told him that if I wasn't moving soon he could stay with me. "That's okay," he said as we walked out a different door than we had come in. "Where'd you park?" I asked Tony. He looked at me. "Not here, I took MARTA," he said, thumbing at the rail tracks. "My car's way the hell up in Chamblee.." "Chamblee MARTA station?" "Yep." "Want us to.. run you there?" I asked, not really wanting to become separated now. "Isn't that way the hell out of the way from Smyrna?" he x toplist teen 3d asked. "Not really," I suggested, and we ended up going to Chamblee in my ol' beat-up car. There, in the Chamblee toplist sex thumbs parking lot, was his car.. a shiny white 1986 Trans-Am. "Just the color of cum," he jested. Shit.. he might just be gay.. that remark wasn't taken lightly by either myself or illegal teen toplist Brad. We just smiled at each blue teens toplist other as Tony followed us home.
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